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Financial Support for the Innovationadmin10:18 am

The foundation of the Diwakar Golchha Organisation is “Love for Innovation”. Thus, to actively support innovation in the country, DGO has been providing financial support to students, devoted to bringing innovation and positive changes. DGO recently funded Team Sireto, the students of Thapathali Campus, in the International Competition Shell-Eco Marathon for the building of Maicha-an electric vehicle which can achieve 150+km range from 1 KWh charge of the battery. DGO is proud to support the creative and technical minds with the vision to promote the sustainable mobility sector of Nepal.

Strengthening the Future of Nepaladmin9:03 am

Education is more than an asset; it is a must-have intellectual property to survive in the competitive world. In Nepal, the literacy rate is comparatively low, another contributing factor to unemployment and low quality of life. To eradicate this, Teach For Nepal has shown a massive impact. So far, Teach for Nepal is educating over 10,000 students in 64 schools in seven districts of Nepal.

Teach for Nepal brings the young people interested in teaching and assigns them two years of fellowship teaching in public schools. These youngsters are required to bring about academic achievement and transformative impact in their students. DGO is proud to support Teach For Nepal and help the organization get more youngsters to visit rural Nepal and realize how much the country needs them.

Supporting the Different Talentsadmin9:02 am

As concerns for human rights grow, the differently-able people are getting social security and other facilities. Along with the government’s effort, the works of NGO/INGO are equally important. One such organization that works for differently-able children is Disabled New life Center. Established in 1998, the organization works to provide medical treatment, rehabilitation, education, and vocational training for such children. Diwakar Golchha Organisation (DGO), under its CSR, is funding this NGO and helping different talents bloom in an
environment that is safe, well-facilitated, and with necessary facilities for “normal” living.

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