90 years of experience


Legacy of 9 decades of dedicated service

Diwakar Golchha Organisation is the one of the legacy of our founder father Mr. Ramlal Golchha who introducted the country to the first ever organised export business.

Diwakar Golchha Org operates in the Industrial and Agricultural sector where it has access to over 90,000 farmers all over the country.

Our Visionary Leader

Late Mr. Diwakar Golchha

Diwakar Golchha, a visionary leader in Nepal's industrial sector, is widely recognized as an exceptional entrepreneur. With his innovative and forward-thinking approach, he strives to enhance the prosperity and well-being of the country by establishing and nurturing core industries.

Golchha's remarkable achievements in creating over 30 significant industries in Nepal have served as inspiration for other industrialists and the public. He has been honored with prestigious awards for his proactive initiatives and successful projects. His invaluable contributions to the nation led to him receiving the esteemed 'Suprabal Gorkha Dakshin Bahu' from the late King Birendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev. Additionally, Golchha's service as a member of parliament in the first constitution assembly further demonstrates his dedication to the country.

As a highly knowledgeable figure in Nepal's industry, Golchha's expertise and insightful advice have made him an invaluable member of monetary and policy-making bodies. His exceptional leadership and contributions to the development of Nepal's industrial sector are truly remarkable, inspiring future generations to come.

Hitech Golchha

Hitesh Golchha


Hitesh Golchha, a young and accomplished industrialist, entered the industry at a tender age and has since generated substantial profits through his innovative ideas. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management from the University of Nottingham and a Master’s in Finance from the London School of Economics. With expertise in Real Estate & Hospitality, Food Processing, Retail & Distribution, and Investments, he has a diverse skill set.
As the director of Hipco Infra, a renowned brand Hulas Steel subsidiary, Golchha spearheads the production of Pre-Engineering buildings and steel structures for medium to large-scale industrial projects. He is also the driving force behind The Leaf Resort & Spa, an ecotourism venture in Nagarkot that seamlessly blends luxury villas with adventure and wellness.
Additionally, Golchha has experience in retailing and distributing infrastructure development and consumer goods. His involvement in Eastern Sugar Mills, one of Nepal’s largest sugar mills, further showcases his expertise in the agro-industry sector. With his varied background and exceptional leadership skills, he brings immense value to the company and its diverse business ventures.

Himanshu Golchha

Himanshu Golchha


Himanshu Golchha, a dynamic and knowledgeable industrialist, brings a wealth of expertise to his field. With a degree in Industrial Engineering & Management from the esteemed University of Nottingham and a Diploma from Harvard Business School, he has cultivated his skills and emerged as a formidable presence in the industry.
Throughout his decade-long career, Himanshu has played a pivotal role in the steel industry. As a Director at Hulas Steel Industries Limited, a leading steel manufacturing company in Nepal, he oversees various aspects including daily operations, production planning, sales growth, and financial management. Additionally, he serves as the Managing Director of Premier Bearings Nepal, representing the renowned brand FAG Bearings.
Motivated to continue his family’s legacy and uplift Nepal’s industrial sector, Himanshu maintains an entrepreneurial spirit. With his expertise and experience, he is determined to steer the company and its ventures toward new heights of success.

Our Legacy

Late Ramlal Golchha

The Golchha Organization was founded by the late Ramlal Golchha, a visionary entrepreneur who established the first company in Nepal in 1930. His foresight and dedication to innovation through commercialization led him to take the bold step of building Nepal's first organized export business. He was a true pioneer in the field, and his efforts laid the foundation for the industrialization of Nepal.

In 1947, Ramlal Golchha set up the first industry in Nepal, Biratnagar Jute Mills, which was a major milestone in the country's industrial development. His contributions to the industrial sector were immense and he is fondly remembered as the "Father of Industrialization in Nepal." His legacy lives on through the continued success of the Diwakar Golchha Org and his impact on the industrialization of Nepal will be felt for generations to come. His pioneering spirit and unwavering commitment to innovation and progress continue to inspire the current and future leaders of the organization.