Hitech Golchha

Hitesh Golchha

Hitesh Golchha, a young and accomplished industrialist, entered the industry at a tender age and has since generated substantial profits through his innovative ideas. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management from the University of Nottingham and a Master’s in Finance from the London School of Economics. With expertise in Real Estate & Hospitality, Food Processing, Retail & Distribution, and Investments, he has a diverse skill set.
As the director of Hipco Infra, a renowned brand Hulas Steel subsidiary, Golchha spearheads the production of Pre-Engineering buildings and steel structures for medium to large-scale industrial projects. He is also the driving force behind The Leaf Resort & Spa, an ecotourism venture in Nagarkot that seamlessly blends luxury villas with adventure and wellness.
Additionally, Golchha has experience in retailing and distributing infrastructure development and consumer goods. His involvement in Eastern Sugar Mills, one of Nepal’s largest sugar mills, further showcases his expertise in the agro-industry sector. With his varied background and exceptional leadership skills, he brings immense value to the company and its diverse business ventures.