As a leader in the financial sector, we understand the crucial role of insurance in safeguarding individuals and businesses. We proudly support two of Nepal’s top insurance companies:

SuryaJyoti Life Insurance: Formed from the historic merger of Surya Life Insurance and Jyoti Life Insurance on December 22, 2022, SuryaJyoti Life has become one of the largest life insurers in Nepal. With a strong capital base, extensive investments, and a wide-reaching network of branches and policyholders, SuryaJyoti Life sets new standards in the life insurance sector.

SALICO (Sagarmatha Lumbini General Insurance): Following the merger of Sagarmatha Insurance and Lumbini General Insurance, SALICO has emerged as a leading non-life insurer with over 100 branches across Nepal. SALICO is dedicated to providing accessible, ethical, and transparent insurance services to the general public.

We believe insurance should be an integral part of everyone’s financial planning. Our commitment extends to promoting financial literacy and supporting these companies in their mission to offer professional insurance solutions to the people of Nepal.

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